Bespoke brickwork, repairs and protection

Structures Housing offers all aspects of stone & masonry rebuild/refurbishment services.

Our bricklayers specialise in alterations and repairs and our portfolio also consists of new builds, houses, flats, office developments and industrial units.

On social housing projects we can carry out gable end rebuilds to the external skin brickwork and rebuild any brickwork to match existing by sourcing reclaimed masonry. We have also been rebuilding chimney stacks connected to the gable ends giving a fully refurbished look to dated council owned properties.

Rebuilds aside we also provide brickwork repair/replacement services to external masonry. We are experts in colour matching brickwork using specialist dyes within our sand and cement repair mortars.

Brickwork is truly central to our bespoke service at Structures Housing. We have a team of skilled professionals who provide a dedicated and reliable bricklaying service.

All our workforce carry CSCS cards, with health and safety an essential factor on all projects. We have an advisor ensuring every project is dealt with as safely and smoothly as possible.

There are many considerations to be taken in to account when undertaking a bespoke masonry project, with the quality of the brickwork being a crucial part of the final aesthetic appearance.   

Bespoke Brickwork

We offer a Bespoke Stone Masonry service to customers who are looking for something specific or unique.  We can create custom made formations to your exact requirement.

Brickwork is masonry produced by a bricklayer, using bricks and mortar to build up brick structures such as walls. Brickwork is also used to finish corners, door, and window openings, etc. in buildings made of other materials.

Bespoke brickwork includes chimney systems, brick arches, brick cutting, bespoke brick panels and special shape bricks. 


We are able to provide specialist brick masonry repair and tinting services to provide a lasting & hard-wearing corrective finish.

Our skilled team can repair any brickwork from filling and re-facing cracks to the complete rebuilding and coating of existing masonry.

Using pigments and dyes we can also tint brickwork to match existing bricks and can 'weather' new Brickwork to old buildings.

Brickwork Protection

Clear or coloured protective coatings, colour intensifiers and sacrificial coatings can be used to give future protection to the masonry and mortar joints.


At Structures Housing we have a team of professionals with over 25 Years Stone Masonry expertise, catering to both commercial and private clients.

Pollution, poor maintenance and inadequate detailing can all damage stonework.Each stone repair project needs to be individually evaluated, as each repair has its own problems. Our expert craftsmen are qualified to repair all forms of stonework, brickwork and terracotta to the clients exact requirements.

We will use specialist mortars (including lime or historic mortars) to re-point and repair existing masonry.