Rake out / Repointing

Brick Wall Raking out / Repointing

Another primary service offer by Structures Housing to its clients is brick wall raking out and repointing. This service involves raking out old, redundant mortar joints using grinder tools.

'Pointing' is the visible sections of mortar between brickwork.  Ensuring brickwork and pointing is regularly maintained and repaired will not only improve the appearance of the building and retain it’s features, but it will also secure the longevity of the building and protect it from water / frost damage.

Our experienced team have extensive experience in raking out and re-pointing all brickwork and stonework. We can skillfully match the new mortar to the existing one so the repairs or restoration will not look odd or out of place.

Dust Control

Compliance with health and safety regulations is of the greatest importance to Structures Housing in all of our practices, but especially with our raking out service due to the amount of dust produced in this type of work.  We go above and beyond these requirements to ensure dust spreading is minimised and lead the way in health and safety compliance within industry.

At Structures Housing we use the latest, state of the art dust control equipment available to control dust production; including dust vaccum attachments on all of our grinding tools, which dramatically reduces the amount of dust created in this practice.

More info can be found on Dust Control’s website for the dust vacuums we use in practice http://dustcontrol.com/category/98-building-worker.html